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Make Your Wedding Dreams Come True:

  • FREE!!! Professional Bridal Consultant services included with package
  • Unlimited meetings with your Bridal Consultant, DJ & Emcee
  • Written contract and guarantee
  • A career Bridal Consultant, Disc Jockey and Emcee.
  • Available to meet any day of the week - any time (if not already booked)
  • $2m liability insurance. BEWARE!!! Venues REQUIRE DJs to carry insurance!
  • We provide a top of the line POWERFUL crystal clear sound system.
  • We come prepared, having backup equipment WITH us.
  • FREE!!! Effect lighting with Lasers, haze and more!!! Save $450.
  • I am a member of the Canadian Disc Jockey Association (CDJA).
  • MANY hours go into the planning of your wedding and reception.
  • We include an awesome light show with blue lasers and haze.
  • We only use LEGAL music and video and we have a large music library
  • A full-time wedding entertainment company since 1999.
  • I always plan to arrive 3 hours PRIOR to the reception to setup and test equipment
  • We bring our meals and refreshments (NO HIDDEN COSTS)!
  • We change to formal wear (suit or tuxedo) before guests arrive
  • CDJA DJ & Emcee Certificate & Professional Bridal Consultant

Terry Dillon
Bridal Consultant
Certified DJ & Emcee

Certified Disc Jockey Network Proud member Of The Canadian Disc Jockey Association  (877) 472-0653

My name is Terry Dillon and I am your Bridal Consultant, Master of Ceremonies and Disc Jockey.
Making Wedding Dreams Come True! Call now for a FREE consultation.

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